The DPC Mentor Program brings together established oil and gas industry leaders with up-and-coming leaders to provide insight, guidance, and advice regarding their professional career development. The goals of the program include: 

  • Bridging the workforce gap through a mentoring relationship to transfer knowledge, resources and life experiences.
  • Help mold future oil & gas/ energy industry leaders in a manner not provided by any other club or association.
  • Create lasting relationships for both mentors and mentees through meaningful two-way dialogue.
  • Increase Denver Petroleum Club member engagement by providing young professionals direct access to successful industry leaders.
The DPC assists with reaching these goals by providing educational lunches, networking events, and the opportunity for the mentors and mentees to work in the community together. If you have additional questions about the program, please contact us at 720-663-9070. 


The following items are required when applying for the program:

  • A professional occupation in the oil and gas industry with a proven track record of excellence and more than four years of experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation. 
  • A current Denver Petroleum Club membership.* 
  • The ability to participate in all program activities. 
  • A commitment to open and honest communication and the ability to listen to others.
  • Ambition to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with their mentor and fellow program participants.

*Non-members can apply, but purchasing a membership before the program start date is required.

How to Apply

This year's Mentor Program participants have been selected. The application process for the 2019 program will be available this fall.

Cost of Program

The cost for the Mentor Program is $600 in addition to membership dues. If you are a current member, your membership will be pro-rated to expire 12/31 of that year. Non-members will be required to complete an application and pay the one-year membership dues ($275). Individuals receiving benefits from a corporate membership will only need to pay membership dues if the company decides not to renew their membership during the program year. 


The program runs February-December each year, with one meeting or event scheduled per month. When applying, we ask for two reference letters; these can come from whomever you like but they both should be able to speak about their experiences in working with you professionally. References should explain the candidate’s leadership potential and why they should be part of the DPC Mentor Program. Include contact information for each reference author.

Program Alumni


If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 720-663-9070.


Alex Campbell
Enduring Resources

Darrin Henke
Gary Permian

Maria Henry
Antero Resources