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Speaker Series: Johanna Ostrum, Oilfield geothermal - Turning Waste Streams into Profit Streams
Ovintiv, Inc.
370 17th St 40th Floor
Denver, CO 80202

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM MST
Category: Speaker Series


Speaker Series: Johanna Ostrum, Oilfield geothermal - Turning Waste Streams into Profit Streams

Join us for our monthly breakfast Speaker Series, featuring Johanna Ostrum COO, of Transitional Energy; and co-speaker, Jamie Beard, Founder of Project Innerspace.

Thanks to our sponsor, all members will attend for FREE! Non-members will incur a $50 charge.

Tickets will be available at the door for $50, regardless of membership status.


About Our Speaker:


Johanna Ostrum - COO, Transitional Energy

Join us for an engaging and informative talk on "Oilfield geothermal - Turning Waste Streams into Profit Streams," presented by Johanna Ostrum, COO of Transitional Energy. In this session, we will explore the exciting realm of geothermal energy production from oilfield waste streams, focusing on our pioneering pilot project in Nevada. Transitional Energy, a leading geothermal technology and development company, has successfully harnessed the potential of co-produced water from an operating oilfield in Nevada, transforming it into valuable geothermal energy. By leveraging the available 230°F water, we have unlocked a sustainable and profitable pathway for energy generation.

During the talk, we will delve into the technical aspects of our pilot project, explaining the innovative methods employed to capture and utilize the waste heat present in the co-produced water. We will discuss the various technologies and systems implemented to maximize energy extraction efficiency, while ensuring compatibility with existing oilfield infrastructure. Furthermore, the economic viability and financial benefits of oilfield geothermal energy will be discussed. We will explore the potential revenue streams generated by selling excess electricity back to the grid or utilizing it on-site for powering oilfield operations. Additionally, we will discuss the associated cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, and environmental advantages of this sustainable energy solution. As we share our experiences and lessons learned from the pilot project, we will address the challenges encountered and the strategies implemented to overcome them. We will also provide insights into the regulatory and policy landscape surrounding oilfield geothermal projects, highlighting the support available and the potential for scalability in the industry.

Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the immense opportunities presented by oilfield geothermal energy and learn how Transitional Energy is leading the way in turning waste streams into profitable and sustainable energy sources. Be inspired by the possibilities of transforming the oil and gas industry's environmental impact while creating a new paradigm for energy generation.

Jamie Beard is an energy and regulatory attorney, she left the white-shoe law firm scene to try her hand at bringing about fast, efficient climate change solutions. She is founder and executive director of the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization, a US Department of Energy-funded program aimed at recruiting oil and gas talent to launch geothermal startups, Project InnerSpace, a non-profit focused on removing barriers to the exponential growth of geothermal by the end of this decade, and the PIVOT from Hydrocarbons to Heat conference series, which has grown in its third year into the largest geothermal conference in the world. A passionate advocate for geothermal energy as the natural and obvious future business model for the oil and gas industry and the missing link to meeting or exceeding 2050 climate goals, Beard has been credited with catalyzing the wave of recent investment and engagement by oil and gas entities in the geothermal space, and with recruiting and mentoring hundreds of new voices to the geothermal industry. She gave a talk at SXSW in 2019 about the role of the oil and gas industry in building the future of geothermal energy, and a TED talk on the same topic in 2021. 
Project InnerSpace is working to engage the oil and gas industry to substantially scale geothermal and eliminate barriers to exponential geothermal growth by 2030. As part of our work, InnerSpace is developing geothermal networks in U.S. states with oil and gas industry presence. In each state, InnerSpace is: (1) Establishing an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem focused on off-the-shelf, lateral tech transfer from O&G to geothermal, (2) Publishing State-specific reports on geothermal to de-risk drilling prospects and encourage O&G investment, (3) Identifying a trusted advocate to carry a geothermal legislative agenda.

In 2020, Project InnerSpace seeded a geothermal network in Texas, leveraging the legacy assets, expertise, and R&D capabilities of the oil and gas industry in the state. Texas is now a hotbed for geothermal and leads the world in new geothermal startups, with academics pursuing research, entrepreneurs launching from the oil and gas industry into geothermal, and legacy oil and gas companies leveraging their expertise to invest in and partner with new geothermal ventures. An InnerSpace-led consortium recently secured a $165M DOE grant to accelerate our work.




 About Our Sponsor Host:


Ovintiv is a leading North American energy producer focused on developing its multi-basin portfolio of oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas producing plays. We have large and contiguous acreage positions in North America’s top resource plays where we deliver unmatched value through continuous innovation.

About Our Breakfast Sponsor:


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